NOVEMBER TOPIC: How I get students to remember what they learn.

The first #BlogShare topic was taken from Laura McInerney (@miss_mcinerney) who helped to inspire the creation of #BlogShare.

This month is all about exploring memory and teaching students how to retain their newly learnt knowledge: How I get students to remember what they learn.

All you need to do now is to blog about how you help students to remember what you teach them, publish it as normal and tag @mmartin_edu on twitter and use the hashtag #BlogShare so that it can be shared on this site.

 Let’s get discussing!

Tom Sherrington, “10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice” (Twitter – @TeacherHead)

Tom Sherrington, “Teaching Fundamentals: Checking for Recall and Understanding” (Twitter – @TeacherHead)

(Neither of the two blogs above were written explicitly for this month’s #BlogShare; however, they have been added for their applicability)

Matthew Martin, “How I use multiple-choice quizzes to build memory” (Twitter – @mmartin_edu)

Kyle McDonald, “How important is knowledge in mathematics?” (Twitter – @jk_mcd)

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